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You can purchase hand-painted resin figurines from the Fairytale Range here, or purchase a blank version and paint one yourself, using any colors you choose! Video tutorials showing painting techniques for resin blanks will be available at the Tall Tales YouTube Channel.


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New pieces will be added from time to time, so check back often or follow on social media, such as the Tall Tales Instagram Page to see what's coming up next. You can also contact me to reserve an upcoming piece. 


NEW and Featured

Limited Numbered Edition, hand painted collectible resin figurines from the world of Good Witches Bad Witches™. Display them alongside your witch figurines.

Start your collection today!

Limited Numbered Edition, hand painted collectible resin figurines from the world of Good Witches Bad Witches™. Display them alongside your witch figurines.

Start your collection today!

New unique characters from the magical world of Good Witches Bad Witches™ are periodically released and in small batches of Limited Numbered runs (all signed underneath by artist, Caroline McFarlane-Watts). To make sure you do not miss out, sign up for updates here or follow on social media such as the official Tall Tales Productions Instagram here, and you'll be less likely to miss out. The most recent character sold out in under 11 hours of listing. 

Worldwide shipping is offered, naturally. 


HAND Crafted by movie miniaturist, Caroline McFarlane-Watts

GOOD WITCHES BAD WITCHES™ - "Familiars" Market Stand Set

Familiars Market Stand

If you love 'Good Witches Bad Witches™' then you'll likely want to start adding all the pieces from this set to your collection.


This market stand is filled with "familiars" (witches pets)... from slippery frogs, to pythons, electric eels and more. If it's slimy or has fangs and can wear a leash, it's likely part of this fun set. 

Collect each piece individually and earn loyalty stickers as you go (with a bonus gift at the end). 

From movie miniaturist CS McFarlane-Watts, each piece is hand-sculpted in the heart of the entertainment industry. Hand painted onto resin casts with meticulous attention to detail. Worldwide shipping.


Click over and find out all about the "Familiars" Market Stand Set. Start your collection of these fantastical little witchy pets or just acquire the ones you like as stand alone pieces. 

New pieces for this collection to be released each month. Find out more about the bonus gift if you collect all nine pieces.

Familiars Market Stand

All Good Witches Bad Witches™

witch figurines


Mildred Muddlesop, the English Witch

Hortense Pompeux - the snooty French witch is available now, in a Limited Edition run. Find out more here

Mildred Muddlesop - the eccentric English witch will be the next witch figurine to be released as part of a Limited Edition run.


Pre-sales will be announced.

If you like Hortense, you may also be interested in...

Nico the Skunk with French Couch

Nico. the skunk lives with Hortense and contributes to her perfume business 'Mal Odor'. He loves reclining on this shabby couch in the French Quarter of the witchy world.

Handmade in resin, hand painted and signed by the artist (CS McFarlane-Watts), and a very limited numbered run of 50. A special and beautifully detailed new addition to the Good Witches Bad Witches™ Collection.

Nico is a content little stinker and he's taking a nap on a couple of cushions on this elegant and original French couch with gilded skull edging. Couch, cushions and Nico are not attached and thus you can display Nico and couch however you like. My suggestion is that you display this piece alongside Hortense, the French witch, since he is one of her pets...!

Nico is sold separately from Hortense. Couch and cushions are included with him. I can combine shipping - just drop me a note if shipping is over calculated and I'll refund the difference.

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