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Caroline McFarlane-Watts

Caroline McFarlane-Watts - Miniaturist / Sculptor and Writer is the creative force behind Tall Tales Productions.


She creates the hand-sculpted pieces, the miniature sets / models and concept art. She is also the creator of Good Witches Bad Witcheswhich has gained a world-wide cult following. Learn more at the Good Witches Bad Witches ™ page.

Caroline was born and grew up in a tiny remote Oxfordshire village in the United Kingdom. Her childhood was spent in a 500 year old Tudor house surrounded by cow fields, just a stone's throw from the River Thames. She shared this setting with 5 siblings, 3 sheep, a pig, several hens and countless guinea pigs. Her parents did little to quash her runaway imagination; once fitting a tiny window and door into an old tree stump and telling her that it was home to a water rat. They also built her a secret dollhouse behind a tiny Alice in Wonderland door. 

Her passion for miniatures was reawakened when she worked in the art department of Harry Potter at Leavesden Studios where she helped to build a miniature scale model of Hogsmeade village. Since that time Caroline has had a career as a scale miniature model builder, character designer and maquette sculptor. Published in several languages, her work exhibited on four continents, Caroline also teaches sculpting / maquette fabrication in Asia and the U.S. and makes occasional television appearances as Guest Miniaturist / or as a Judge in competitive art reality shows.

Caroline currently resides in Los Angeles where Tall Tales is based. Here she gets to indulge her other passions including masquerade fantasy balls, costumes, Halloween parties, Art Deco architecture, film, outdoor screenings on warm summer nights, Tiki drinks, Mexican food and palm trees.

The maquettes (sculpted characters) are made by hand using clay and armature wire. Get a glimpse behind the scenes by watching some videos at the Tall Tales Productions Channel

Find many working photos at the Facebook Page, the Caroline Blog and on Instagram.

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