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Market Stand - Good Witches Bad Witches™

$245  $225.00 introductory price

Shipping from the US all over the world.

From movie miniaturist Caroline McFarlane-Watts, the Market Stand was hand-sculpted in the heart of the entertainment industry.


This hand-painted Collectible Miniature Model was made with great attention to detail. The center piece of the Familiars Market Stand Set - part of the world of Good Witches Bad Witches™.



- Design & Sculpture:

CS McFarlane-Watts.

- Cast: Simon Garcia.

- Hand painted.

- Material: Resin.

- Size: 13"  x  13" x  7.5" 

(33 cm x 33 cm x 19.5 cm)

- 1:12 Scale.

Produced in the United States.

The Market Stand is a large feature piece designed specifically for you to display your Good Witches Bad Witches™ familiars (pets). It comes as two pieces - a market stand with carved skull details and striped awning, and in front of it is a grouping of crates. 

The market stand is a 1:12 miniature piece and fits with other 1:12 scale pieces of all kinds, so you're not limited to using it only for witchy pets. Display cabbages and oranges! Whatever you like. 

Find out more about the magical critters that form the Familiars Market Stand Collection. Pets sold separately. 


Fill your market stand with "familiars" (pets)! Nine in total. Collect them all.

Loyalty Folio

All pieces of the Market Stand Set come with tokens you can collect as part of a Loyalty programme. Collect every token and add them to the Loyalty Folio as you go and once you have every piece you are eligible for a special bonus gift - an additional pet for the stand. This bonus piece is very special and will be limited edition, so be sure to collect them all and don't miss out.

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