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Buzzfeed Live Demo
Shrimp And Avocado Salad Tiny TASTY screengrab2-new2-wix
Pancakes Timelapse
Buzzfeed Live Demo
One-Pan Sriracha Chicken and Veggie Tiny TASTY screengrab2-new2-wix
Guacamole Timelapse
Lamb Tutorial
Mexican Food

Heard the hype about mini food? Whether it's because people like to imagine fewer calories in their meals or they want to pretend they have giant hands - miniature food preparation videos have somehow become a thing.


Long before the viral hamster eating burrito videos on YouTube, Caroline was creating incredibly realistic detailed miniature food... see examples of miniature food at the Realistic Miniatures Page.



Caroline's mini food recipe video 'Shrimp and Avocado Taco Salad' became the number 1 trending video on BuzzFeed and drew over a million views when shared by Instagram. 



Caroline's mini food videos are made using her miniature food which is made of clay and sculpted by hand. It's 1:12 scale which makes it 12 times smaller than real life food.


Tall Tales - Mini food videos
Tall Tales - Mini food videos

Making the 'Shrimp and Avocado Taco Salad' parody of the original BuzzFeed Tasty recipe video was a fun and painstaking process.


Only artificial miniature food was used - created by hand using clay. Nothing in Caroline's mini food videos is edible. Camera tricks and editing creates the illusion of food being sliced and prepared, and raw ingredients becoming cooked ingredients.


Watch the world's smallest avocado get cut up and tossed into a salad small enough to fit onto a coin.

The Tall Tales parody video of BuzzFeed Tasty's 'One Pan Sriracha Chicken and Veggie' was more ambitious than the shrimp salad because the chicken thighs are cooked in stages. Caroline made the chicken thighs three times, representing the different cooking stages - raw, browned in a skillet and then having been roasted in an oven with a sticky sauce applied. It was fun to shoot!


Watch the video and look for miniature time-lapse videos and tutorials at the Tall Tales Channel.

After the viral success of Caroline's BuzzFeed recipe parody videos, Caroline was invited to BuzzFeed studios to give a live demonstration of miniature food preparation. Here's a clip.


Watch more videos at the Tall Tales Channel.

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