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Caroline McFarlane-Watts


Tall Tales Productions is more than a small business which fabricates miniatures for the entertainment industry and collectible figurines for the consumer market in 50 countries.


Did you know that Caroline's characters are licensed around the world? Some character designs are taught in ceramics classes in Israel. Some are iced onto cookies in a café & cake shop in Moscow, Russia. Some are tattooed onto fans in the US.


Learn about the Tall Tales community and how far-reaching the appeal of Caroline's characters extends.

Explore behind the scenes and learn about how the Tall Tales workshop operates.

Find out about Caroline's television appearances and her new show in production. 

Discover tutorials and classes. Learn how to create miniature sets or sculpt figurines through Caroline's instruction. 

Good Witches Bad Witches™ Figurines


The high-end collectible figurines of Tall Tales are designed in Los Angeles, manufactured in polystone resin, hand-painted and ship from the United States all over the world. 

Tall Tales figurines and prints are also sold in brick and mortar shops on more than one continent. 

Contact for information regarding consignment and wholesale.

Tall Tales Productions Figurines
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