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Apply here. Please include a link to your portfolio along with your CV / resume. 


With Tall Tales characters known internationally and consumer products in high demand, selling in over 50 countries, it’s an exciting time to work for Tall Tales. 

The hand-crafted storytelling of Tall Tales in movie miniatures has a reputation for detail. As a Junior Figurine Painter, you will receive personal instruction from Caroline McFarlane-Watts (in person paint demonstrations for each character figurine you’re assigned to work on) and you’ll be expected to maintain the quality in the figurines you paint. Caroline will be on hand for assistance and any further instruction you need, to help you perform to the best of your ability and to maintain the standards of Tall Tales collectible figurines.


Tall Tales has a line of Good Witches Bad Witches™ collectible figurines which are mostly fabricated in the United States. Characters are hand sculpted, cast in resin and then painted with exacting attention to detail before being shipped to vendors and directly to customers all over the world. This position focuses on the paint stage of individual Good Witches Bad Witches™ characters.
This is an entry level position.

Essential Job Functions and Qualifications:
- Experience working with color and paint types within a 3D form at the smallest scale,
- Must have experience and knowledge of a range of painting techniques,
- Must be able to consistently paint at the highest level of detail under strict deadlines,
- Be comfortable with lacquer and acrylic paints,
- Able to produce identical paint jobs on multiple versions of the same figurine,
- Must review their work regularly with Caroline to ensure they are staying on design,
- Inventory and track materials needed for workflow,
- Additional duties as assigned. This position may include packing of figurines into commercial boxes,

- Must be local to the Los Angeles area. 

- Follow guidelines, 
- Attention to detail,
- Long hours of focus on tiny things,
- Matching colors and shapes and surfaces with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Caroline, Tall Tales Productions
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