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Hortense Pompeux - the snooty French witch is available now, in a Limited Edition run. Find out more here


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Olga Volkova - the crazy Russian cat lady witch is currently in production and will be the next witch figurine to be released as part of a Limited Edition run.


Pre-sales will be announced.

All Good Witches Bad Witches™

character FIGURINES

Start to build up a world around your witch figurines by collecting the other characters and pets and fun furniture pieces that make up the rich and kooky fantastical world of Good Witches Bad Witches™.

Also, straight from the imagination of Caroline McFarlane-Watts, hand crafted in the heart of Hollywood, these pieces are in significantly smaller runs. Signed underneath by Caroline and released periodically, often to compliment and accompany a recently released witch figurine.


Don't miss out - these small runs sell out fast. Reserve a piece ahead of time.


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Limited Numbered Edition, hand painted collectible resin figurines from the world of Good Witches Bad Witches™. Display them alongside your witch figurines.

Start your collection today!

Message me if there's a piece you want which appears to be sold out. It could be that I am in the process of painting more. Please note that most of these items are Limited Edition and numbered, so once I've hit the number in the run there will never be any more.

Click over and find out all about the "Familiars" Market Stand Set. Start your collection of these fantastical little witchy pets or just acquire the ones you like as stand alone pieces. 

New pieces for this collection to be released each month. Find out more about the bonus gift if you collect all nine pieces.

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Most pieces of the Good Witches Bad Witches™ Collection are Limited Edition and part of a Numbered Run (usually only 25 or 50). Once they're sold out they're sold out forever.

It takes a great deal of time to create these detailed pieces, so instead of creating the entire run of 50 at once, I often make 12 or so at first and release them. Then within a few months I release the next batch and so forth until I have reached the end of the run.

Missed out on a piece? Some may not be sold out yet! Message me to reserve one from the next batch.



Reserve one in the next batch!


Reserve one in the next batch!