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Good Witches Bad Witches™

AP figurines

Other pieces to become available

I sometimes hold APs back for gallery shows and press events, but at some point I may be inclined to offer them to collectors. The Archie AP sold, but I have never made the Claude APs nor the Nico APs available.

If you're interested, feel free to inquire via email. Thank you.



AP figurines


New fairytale pieces in development

Most of my Fairytale Collection is not Limited Edition, but is still hand-painted and signed by me. However, I have plans for future pieces which will be Limited Edition Numbered Runs and as such there will be APs. 

Stay connected via social media, such as Instagram and don't miss upcoming releases.


Good Witches Bad Witches™

original sculptures


not Edition runs, not APs

The original one of a kind art sculptures of my Good Witches Bad Witches™ characters are almost never sold. They're needed, shown in galleries and press events... and ultimately they are used as the reference for when I re-sculpt the character in order to recreate it as a resin figurine.

These originals are not resin, but are sculpted in clay and mixed media. There is never another one like it.

I sell them on occasion. Message me to inquire. 


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Artist's proofs


What is an Artist's proof


Aside from my one of a kind, original sculptures (which are very rarely made available for purchase), I create my lines of figurines as Limited Edition Numbered runs.

What does Limited Edition mean?

This means there is a specified number of this particular piece and then once sold out, it is gone forever. The mold is destroyed and there will never be another figurine exactly like it again. Since my runs are usually very small (and each piece is numbered within the run), my Limited Edition figurines sell out extremely quickly. 

What is an Artist's Proof?

The very first two or three taken from the mold are set aside. I paint each one very slowly, taking my time to develop the design and color scheme which I feel works best. It may take me days just to paint one of them, and so the level of detail and care may be just a little more than the Limited Edition run pieces which follow. The other numbered pieces are made with extraordinary attention to detail, but they are painted using different techniques and are made slightly faster because I am no longer experimenting with the color scheme paint job, but rather using one of the APs as a prototype and copying from it.

As such, you may be able to purchase an AP which has a slightly different color scheme than the others. This makes my one / two APs coveted because they are unique. These sell privately through messaging me directly.



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