GOOD WITCHES BAD WITCHES™ - "Familiars" Market Stand Set

Familiars Market Stand Set

If you love 'Good Witches Bad Witches™' then you'll likely want to start adding all the pieces from this set to your collection.


This market stand is filled with "familiars" (witches pets)... from slippery frogs, to pythons, electric eels and more. If it's slimy or has fangs and can wear a leash, it's likely part of this fun set. 

Collect each piece individually and earn loyalty stickers as you go (with a bonus gift at the end). 

From movie miniaturist CS McFarlane-Watts, each piece is hand-sculpted in the heart of the entertainment industry. Hand painted onto resin casts with meticulous attention to detail. Worldwide shipping.


Pail of Frogs

Pail of Frogs!

This little silver pail of anxious frogs was created halfway through the pandemic lockdown (2020), and with the one little smiling frog amongst them it symbolizes looking on the bright side of life. 

Hand-sculpted by Caroline McFarlane-Watts and then also hand-painted and signed underneath by Caroline, this is a piece so detailed that it's best seen in person. Made as the first piece of the Familiars Market Stand Set, and also designed to be a stand alone piece. 

Pail of Frogs

Pail of Frogs

Shoot! All gone
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Electric Eels!

A battered bronze cauldron of electric eels is the second installment for the Familiars Market Stand Set.  

Hand-sculpted by Caroline McFarlane-Watts. Hand-painted, and with a magical twist... this piece lights up when you turn off the lights. The eels glow in the dark! Arrange it on your market stand (coming soon) or display it as a stand alone piece. 

Cauldron of Electric Eels

Cauldron of Electric Eels

Shoot - all gone!

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