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These toadstools were hand sculpted by Caroline in 2019 for horror convention Monsterpalooza, and they've been requested at this online store ever since, and thus are issued here and there, when Caroline has time. Resin and hand painted - sometimes to look like realistic mushrooms and other times with the same fairytale shimmer as the pet toads. 



Caroline's evil toadstools get an iridescent paint job

buy blanks

Caroline releases a new batch of toadstools periodically, in between creating for Good Witches Bad Witches™. Tired of waiting for a release / feeling creative?! Buy a blank resin version and have fun painting one for yourself. 



pet toads

Caroline first hand sculpted these warty pet toads (on a leash) in 2018 and the run was such a success and demand for more of these toads grew, so Caroline releases a new batch periodically, in between creating for Good Witches Bad Witches™. To keep it interesting, Caroline releases new versions with different iridescent toadskins - an effect created using multiple applications of metallic paints layered between varnishes. Each toad is handpainted. Signed underneath by Caroline.


Follow the official Instagram Page for news of future toads. You're welcome to contact Caroline directly to inquire about the next toad release.


Creating pet toads - Tall Tales Productions

the original "pet toads" being created by Caroline 




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