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Limited Edition

Hortense - Good Witches Bad Witches™


Shipping from the US all over the world.

From movie miniaturist Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Hortense was hand-sculpted in the heart of the entertainment industry.


This hand-painted Limited Edition Collectible Figurine was made with meticulous attention to detail. The very first character of the world of Good Witches Bad Witches™.


Limited Numbered run. Includes Certificate of Authenticity signed by CS McFarlane-Watts.



- Design & Sculpture:

CS McFarlane-Watts.

- Cast: Michael Allen.

- Hand painted.

- Material: Resin.

- Size: 11"  x  3.5" x  6 7/8" 

(28 cm x 9 cm x 17.5 cm)

Base: 14 " x  5 2/8" x 1"

(36 cm x 13.4 cm x 2.5 cm)

- 1:12 Scale.

Hortense Pompeux  is an extraordinary witch who lives in the French district in the world just outside our own where all witches were banished.

In this detailed resin figurine she has her characteristic sneer and pushes her trolley of perfume packages and hat box with her French poodle perched on top. She carries her snappy monster handbag and is wrapped in her ferocious mink stole. ​


Making Hortense Pompeux

Nine months in development, Hortense was created by CS McFarlane-Watts, as the first in the new Collectible Figurine line for Good Witches Bad Witches™.  

Hortense is French and a stylish (albeit shabby) witch. Her striped dress and many skirts fit her wiry frame well and is completed with skull buttons. Her tall coif of grey/blue hair supports a tall bent hat. The three-headed mangy stole is detailed with tiny teeth and tiny paws. Her handbag is textured with a monster scale pattern and wickedly toothy grin. Hortense herself has a face Caroline loved designing. The big blunt-pointed shark-like nose and huge nostrils hint at her career as a perfumer (she runs a perfume business - 'Mal Odor'). Her nose is turned up denoting the disdain she feels towards all those around her. The design went through several iterations and was an enormously fun process, though challenging at times.

At Tall Tales we prefer to work with our hands, so Hortense was sculpted entirely by hand using clay and mixed media. No 3D software was used during the process. She was then expertly cast and recreated in resin and finally painted by hand. As each final figurine is hand-painted, variations may occur.

Shipping information

Shipping from the United States all over the world. I try to get the best rate for your state or country based on either the FedEx or USPS rates. Shipping will include tracking and insurance.

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